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Wooden Yoga Dice Set

Wooden Yoga Dice Set

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Get creative with your yoga flow and create a whole new sequence each day!

Simply roll the 8 wooden dice and the colourful sketches will lay out the moves for you. There's 48 different yoga poses and a helpful booklet to explain each pose and the benefits. 

There's a simple cotton drawstring pouch to hold them and the dice are made from sustainably sourced timber to put your mind at ease. 

A thoughtful gift for your favourite zen yogi!


  • 48 different poses 
  • Roll the dice to design your yoga flow
  • Great gift for your favourite yogi


  • Includes: 8 wooden dice, cotton drawstring bag, information booklet
  • Measurements (gift box): 11.2 x 8 x 8 cms
  • Measurements (each dice): 2.8cm
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