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Woke Up Game

Woke Up Game

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- A true or false game featuring 56 woke news stories
- Decide if you think the story is real or fake
- Get it right and add the card to your tower
- It's a simple card game where the tallest tower wins
- And it's a super fun party game for teenagers and adults

Answer questions, stack cards… Score points! Whoever has the tallest tower at the end of the game WINS in this card-stacking cancel culture game that tests your knowledge of political correctness.

The true or false trivia cards contain news stories relating to woke culture. You’ve gotta decide if you think the story is real or fake. Get it right and keep the card… Fold it in half, stack it, and bask in the glory of how much taller your tower is than anyone else’s – especially your parents!

Woke Up is an incredibly current cross-generational card game where, depending on your views on woke culture, you’ll either be seriously shocked or smugly satisfied.

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