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Pikkii Shrinking Handprint Keyring Kit

Pikkii Shrinking Handprint Keyring Kit

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Kids. They grow up WAY too fast.
Before you know it, they’re taller than you and fleeing the nest leaving you wondering where the time went (but probably still asking you for money no doubt).
Well, now you can keep them young forever with the Handprint Key Chain Kit from Pikkii.
This fun kit has everything you need to create one complete keyring of a mini version of your child’s hand or foot print. It shrinks down in the oven in just 2 minutes into a durable key chain that will be cherished forever.
Main Material: Magic shrink film.
Size in packaging: 15 x 22 x 1cm
Weight (incl packaging): 0.065 kg

Kit Contents: The kit includes everything you need to make one complete keyring of your child’s hand or foot. This includes:
- Magic Shrink Film.
- Pink and blue paint (you can choose which colour you use).
- Paint brush. Protective finish.
- Keyring.
- Instructions sheet.

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