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Studio Milligram Organic Interior Glass Flip Planter Tall

Studio Milligram Organic Interior Glass Flip Planter Tall

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  • Dimensions: 11(d) x 24(h) cm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Features: Highly durable, thermal-shock resistant Borosilicate glass FSC paper board outer packaging & recycled kraft board inner packaging
  • Fabrication: Glass
  • Care and Use Instructions: All parts are dishwasher safe. To clean by hand, wipe with a clean damp dishcloth. Household dish cleaning agents OK. Do not use solvents of any kind. Make sure cleaning materials are free of grit and other foreign materials

A Tall Flip Planter from Studio Milligram's Organic Interiors collection.

A multipurpose planter and vase; the perfect balance between water and earth. Hand crafted in borosilicate glass, the two part, two tone vessel houses an opaque glass planter and transparent vase, all in one.

In one direction, the opaque glass planter, complete with drainage hole and water catchment, nests upon the elegant transparent glass stand. Fill with soil and plant desired specimens for stunning interior appeal.

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