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Simply Chinese Feasts

Simply Chinese Feasts

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By Susie Lee


Growing up, TV presenter and author Suzie Lee was extremely fortunate in that her parents carried on the customs and traditions of Hong Kong in their family home in Northern Ireland, and now Suzie wants to do the same with this follow up book to her debut cookbook Simply Chinese.

Ring in Chinese New Year with crescent moon-shaped dumplings (to be eaten during the last hour of the old year and the first hour of the new) and indulge in a fish dish to encourage prosperity. Recipes include Salted Chilli Chicken, Traditional Dumplings, Lotus Root Crisps, as well as Chestnut Tart and Fluffy Birthday Cupcakes.

Structured via food group, in each section, Suzie will reveal the traditions, symbolism and lucky sayings associated with fish, meat, bread or cakes, before delving into delicious recipes to be shared and celebrated with family and friends. And Suzie will, of course, throw in her famous twists, allowing the reader to tailor recipes to their needs. Looking for kid-, veggie-, budget-friendly or super quick meals? Look no further!

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