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Karst A5 Journal Twin Pack

Karst A5 Journal Twin Pack

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The team at Karst have set out to work a bit differently - their method: challenge assumptions at every stage, their goal: leave the world better than we found it. They challenged the notion that notebooks need to be made from tree fibers and found another option - stone!

A handy pair of Karst's famous tree-free notebooks, the A5 Journal Twin Pack feature bright white, ultra-smooth pages of the famous Karst Stone Paper.  The pack contains one Ruled notebook and one blank, so you can write in one and draw in the other to give a home to each of your creative outlets. Karst's tree-free designs make for a sustainable alternative to traditional notebooks that's impossibly smooth and brilliantly white. Made from 100% recycled stone, each notebook has a fraction of the carbon footprint of pulp paper, offering friction-free, tear-resistant pages that are kinder to the planet.

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