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Cocina de Andalucía

Cocina de Andalucía

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By María José Sevilla

Discover a fascinating region in Southern Spain that offers the most tantalizing food, through 75 authentic recipes, written with expertise and using authentic ingredients.

Andalucia is the largest region of Spain and has a food tradition that is rich in shades from the past: Moorish, Christian, and Jewish influences prevail. Following decades, if not centuries, in which the local food accepted prejudice from outsiders, any change or innovation was inhibited; but now a fascinating revival is taking place everywhere in Andalucia, as in the rest of Spain. This is supported by the array of amazing ingredients from land and sea, by memories and aromas from the past, and by current innovation by Spanish chefs.
La Cocina Andalucia has become even more attractive, improved without losing any of its character and taste. As delicious as they can be, there is much more to Andalucian food than tapas and much more than a brilliant gazpacho de verano. This selection of truly authentic recipes have been developed by Maria Jose Sevilla during time spent in her house in Aracena near Seville. Each recipe will be accompanied by short histories relating to the character of a chosen locality, a particular dish or equally important, the people that grow and prepare the food. It would not be a book about the food loved by the Andalucians without including some local ingredients and regional specialties such as Iberico Hams from Huelva, olive oils from Cordoba or Jaen, olives from Seville, or Sherry vinegar, sea salt and shrimp in Cadiz.

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