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Brass Monkey How Dead Are They Game

Brass Monkey How Dead Are They Game

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A ‘when-did-that-one-celebrity-die?’ party game. How often have you had to sheepish-ily google ‘Is (insert notable person’s name here) still alive?’ Yeah, us too. In fact, we do it sooo much around our office–we turned it into a game! Includes 350 double-sided cards and suitable for 2 or more players.

In this hilarious social game, players compete by putting their random celebrity and historical figure knowledge to the test–while trying to remember what year people died (or if they even have). When did Albert Einstein pass away? 1897? 1986? Don’t worry, we’ll provide a series of clever clues to help inform your guess–and the closest scores points. We’ve included everyone from Genghis Khan to Bob Saget and hundreds more.

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